why are breyer horses so expensive

Breyer horses are costly because they are among the best quality Model horses available. They are constructed of sturdy plastic and are coated with robust paint. They are also made by hand which is another reason that makes them expensive! This could be a matter of you pay for what you spend for. There are however ways to lower the price. The best prices are available on the web.

I would recommend LookAGiftHorse.com They offer an membership program that lowers the cost. Additionally, you can earn points to get discounts on your next purchases.

Do Breyer horses have worth? They can be sold for $300-$600 dollars for each. Certain antique pieces have gone for upwards of $3500! A great resource to establish the rarity, age,

What is it that makes Breyer horses so well-known? The Breyer horses are realistic and very popular with horse enthusiasts. Breyer’s passion for horses is the first step to create the most authentic models of horses available. Each model is a carbon replica of a real live horse. This company has a good reputation within the industry of horses.

Are Breyer horses designed to play with? Part two of 2 playing in Breyer horses. Breyer horse. Imagine that your Breyer horse is real horse in the hopes of having fun with it. Make it appear that you’re not paying attention when the horse is able to break from its pose, regardless when it’s jumping, running around, standing or lying down.

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