overgrown horse hooves

Hooves of horses grow constantly. Overgrown hooves can resultin serious health issues for horses. If a horse has to walk withhooves that are overgrown they must compensate for this, thatmeans they are walking on their feet. This strains the tendonsand … Read More

knabstrupper horse

Knabstruppers can be used for all types of general riding, andare a success at dressage and eventing, and show jumping.They can also be used as carriage horses because of theirbeautiful movement, proud appearance and striking colouring. The 1870s saw in … Read More

hairless horse tail

Usually, bald spots are caused by tail rubbing . You may also geta severe fungal infection or a heavy tick infestation. Horses mayalso lose their hair in asymmetrical or patchy patterns if anotherhorse chews on his tail. The authors suggested … Read More