overgrown horse hooves

Hooves of horses grow constantly. Overgrown hooves can resultin serious health issues for horses. If a horse has to walk withhooves that are overgrown they must compensate for this, thatmeans they are walking on their feet. This strains the tendonsand could result in lameness. The hoof’s wall can be cut with Nippers. This will start …

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where are Friesian horses from

The Friesian horse is among the oldest European breeds. It wasfirst developed in Friesland the northern province in theNetherlands. A heavy horse has been in existence aslong at least 1000 B.C.The Romans employed these horses, and they brought a few toBritain which has had an influence on our local breeds likethose of Fell, Dales and …

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knabstrupper horse

Knabstruppers can be used for all types of general riding, andare a success at dressage and eventing, and show jumping.They can also be used as carriage horses because of theirbeautiful movement, proud appearance and striking colouring. The 1870s saw in Knabstrup. Knabstrup stables an inevitabledownfall. In the Lunn family, the herd grew to during theperiod, …

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