Strawberry Roan Horse

A roan horse has a genetic disorder due to which the base color of its coat is dissimilar to all the other horses. A strawberry Roan Horse has a chestnut coat color and is the cause of attraction for many horse lovers. The body also accompanies the white hair which makes it look more beautiful and unique. Strawberry Roan Horse is also sometimes referred to as red roan horse. Not just arebroans available in strawberry or red color base coats but black and chestnut coats too. The strawberry roans have a reddish color appearance, the red color is a dominant color all over the body.

The horses can have a proper reddish base coat or just a few markings of the color but it won’t change anything. The horses would still be termed as strawberry Roan Horse. The prevalence of this horse type is more due to the majestic color it has. Not all the horses are born with such unique colors like blue and strawberry. It must also be noted that the strawberry Roan Horse also may have a bay color base coat or a very light reddish tone. These horses are widely accepted and brought into use for several purposes. Testing

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