Black forest Horse

The Black Forest Horse is quite uncommon at the moment.
The Marbach Stud situated in Germany is working towards
preserving the breed. Draft horses are mostly employed for
driving, however they are also able to be rode.

The breed’s name refers to its habitat, the Black Forest,
Local breed name: Schwarzwalder Kaltblut a wooded mountain
range that lies in southwestern Germany. Contrary to other
draft breeds this breed is not a towering one. Black Forest Horse
is not an overly tall breed, typically sitting somewhere between
14.2 to 15.3 hands (147 and 160 centimeters).
The weight varies based on the height of the horse,
but is usually around 1100 lbs (500 pounds).

In 2013 there were 979 mares and 79 stallions that were
registered in the registry as Black Forest Horses. Despite
this rise in numbers this breed is classified as endangered. …
because the number of Black Forest Draughts is so tiny the rate
of inbreeding is rising and could impact the foaling rate,
researchers concluded.

Color of coat:

Basic hair pigmentation: bay, dark chestnut

Mixing white and black hair inside areas of pigmentation grey

Special pattern 1 grey family lighter main and tail

Skin colour: dark

Animals that are adult (males/females): Withers height
of 156/152 cm live weight 680 or 610 kg;

You might have a question

Are black forest horses gaited

It is the Black Forest Horse The Black Forest Horse one of the
breeds of horses that is distinguished by a thick mane that falls
down, covering both sides of their necks. They are draft horses
that have incredible strength, endurance, and a calm

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