Why do Horses have manes?

Like any other living organism, it’s common to sight hair on a horse. The special hair on a horse’s neck is termed mane which starts from over the neck and extends up to the lower back. Depending on the horse breed, the thickness and length may vary. Usually the manes grow around half an inch to 1.5 inch monthly. The magnetism of the horses’ manes adds to their charm and royalty. They play a crucial role in regulating the body temperature of horses. Amidst the tooth biting cold days, the manes helps keep the horses warm. On the contrary, during peak summer days it acts as a fly and insect repellent. Protection from extreme weather conditions is what manes are naturally built for. Both the genders however are not blessed with the same feature. A male horse will have a thick mane in comparison to a mare, which also distinguishes it by being more authoritative and attractive for the females. Horses’ manes may differ from one breed to the other, the thickest manes can be found over horses living in the coldest areas, this helps them withstand the adverse temperature and help them stay heated and active.

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