Sella Italiano Horse: History, Performance and Temperament

“The Sella Italiano, emblematic of Italy’s rich equestrian tradition, is a breed specifically engineered for competitive sports and diverse equestrian disciplines.

This breed’s rise to prominence is credited to the proactive initiatives of the Italian government. It falls under the guardianship of the ‘Associazione Cavallo Sella Sportivo Italiano’, an entity that epitomizes Italy‚Äôs dedication to preserving and enhancing this distinguished equine lineage.”


Within the landscape of equestrian breeds, the Sella Italiano stands out as an exceptional testament to selective breeding and Italian equine expertise. Conceived with the aim of creating an exquisite steed, this breed combines elements from both English Thoroughbreds and native Italian horses for superior endurance and performance equitation.

Their genetic tapestry includes bloodlines from Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Anglo-Arab Sardinians and Purosangue Orientale breeds combined with mares known for their riding ability for creating something truly magnificent equitationally exceptional.

The modern Sella Italiano exhibits a complex genetic mosaic: around 70% can be traced back to English Thoroughbreds; 15% to Sardinian Anglo-Arabs; and the remainder can be found among Irish, German, French saddle and Hungarian origins; as well as native Italian breeds like Maremmano Salernitano Persano.

Presently, inclusion in the Sella Italiano Stud Book requires rigorous verification of its lineage; specifically that there be no draft horse ancestry for at least three generations.

Stewardship and regulation of this breed, both sporting and functional roles included, are strictly overseen by Italy’s Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies accompanied by specific disciplinary standards to preserve its integrity and safeguard its place within Italian equestrian history.

Performance and Temperament:

What distinguishes Sella Italiano horses is their exceptional performance abilities. Renowned for their intelligence, speed, and agility – known as ISFs in Italian equestrian circles – these horses have long been prized competitors across various equestrian sports disciplines including show jumping, dressage and eventing; regularly outperforming others at both national and international arenas with their impressive jumping prowess coupled with outstanding agility making them favorites among show jumpers, while in dressage their graceful movement and poise are highly prized qualities.

The Sella Italiano horse breed is well known for its temperament. These horses are noted for being willing to work, responsiveness and calm demeanor; perfect for riders of various skill levels. Their intelligence and eagerness to learn make training easier as well as adaptability for different equestrian tasks.

Cultural Significance and Preservation:

The Sella Italiano horse breed holds an honored place in Italian culture. More than just an animal breed, this beautiful beast represents its rich heritage and craftsmanship in horse breeding.

Breeders and equestrian enthusiasts remain dedicated to maintaining its quality and distinctive characteristics for future generations to enjoy.