Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino Horses are the most fine and smooth horses in existence. These horses are imported to the Caribbean from Spain; they are mostly traded for their extraordinary appearance with natural, four beat gait. This horse breed is in whole a mix of all the Andalusian, Spanish Jennet and Barb horse breeds. They are so comfortable to sit on that most of the people use them for their rides. There is a full regulating authority which keeps full check on the registered Paso Fino Horses, this association is named as Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) and it works mostly in the US.

This association is devoted to organize and promote Paso Fino breeds all over the countries. The horses under this breed have smaller backs and have smooth clean legs. The manen of such horses is thicker and more lengthy than the rest of the horses. Horses under this breed come in varying sizes and colors. Horse shows are organised for only this breed and are quite versatile allowing them to also participate in competitive competitions such as driving and trail riding.

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