Palomino Horses

The Palomino Horses are a color breed they are found in gold color with cream to white colored mane. Often termed as parade horses they are largely used for shows and royal parades. Their outstanding color coat makes them a beautiful site to lay eyes on. Due to their color they are also famously used in cinemas and distinct movies. There are various instances where these Palomino Horses were used in different shows as well as theatre acts. This rare color of Palomino is created by incomplete dominance which is a genetic mechanism. Other than the usual golden color coat, palomino is also found in light color and dark gold palomino color. Chestnut and cremello color of horses is often confused with the Palomino color horses. Both these horses are different from each other in various forms. Buckskins is another horse breed which is confused with the Palomino horse breed. The Buckskins which though has the same gold color as of Palomino has darker mane and tail. Horses which are found to be of the perfect golden color are said to be Palomino Horses and are registered in the records.

The color of the coat often plays a dominant characteristic in defining the Palomino Horse. Based on the color coat often, horses belonging to other breeds also get registered under the Palomino horse breed. The Palomino Horse Association registers this horse breed, the other registry is the Palomino Horse Breeders of America. It is the Palomino horse breed which registers any horse breed of Palomino color. In contrast, the Palomino Horse association breed has more criteria in order to identify and register horses under the Palomino breed. The characteristics considered other than the coat color by this registry are the height, structure and registered parents of the horse. The Palomino Horses can also be cited with rare blue or hazel eye color. The most common eye colors found in these horses are brown and black. The horses have a genetic coat color making them unique in their own form. The horse breed today is though not said to be on the verge of extinction or vulnerable still preventive steps have to be taken in order to keep them safe and preserved. The ancestors of these horses were even more stronger than what we see today and this is because of their overuse in war purposes. To not further reduce their capability it is crucial to preserve them in the right way.

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