How much does a horse weigh?

Considering the huge body structure of a horse, it can weigh anywhere between 900-2000 pounds. As per the law of science and nature, the bigger and stronger the horse breed the more are its chances of weighing greater than others. However, horses and ponies have different weights as per their body sizes. Just like any other factors that would influence any living organism’s weight, a horse’s weight is also similarly impacted. Eating habits and the amount of work done by the horses on a daily basis hugely impact their weights.

Equestrian scale is the equipment used by the people to measure the weight of the horses. Weighbridge is another measuring equipment which can provide you with a straight idea of the weight of your horse. Weight tape is also another weight measuring equipment. The weight tapes have weight listed in pounds and not in usual kilograms or grams. These tapes are especially designed to measure heavy organisms and products. The greatest of the weights can be found of the hugest of breeds such as Belgians.

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