How much does a horse cost?

To own a horse involves huge investment. One cannot expect to own a horse with the idea of just petting, it is one of the many luxurious desires that most rich people have. Coming with the background of luxury, horses are indeed heavy on pockets. The range of horses can go anywhere between ₹50,000 – ₹25 lakhs depending upon the breed and the purchase place. For the use of race, many horses are brought up and raised in superior farms with best of facilities to make them worth every penny of investment made onto them.

Economic factors also influence the prices of the horses. During the peak times of horse races the prices eventually touch sky high whereas during the dry seasons with low cash flow the prices come down. Also, when farms offer more than the required horses for sale to a very limited number of potential buyers this directly impacts the price of horses and they are brought down in order to make as much sales as possible. Ponies are mostly less costly than an average horse, the cost of pony starts with as low as ₹10,000. To sum up, the cost of full grown up horses can vary and to purchase budget planning is necessary.

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