Horse Breast Collar

Horse Breast Collar is used widely for horses as a horse essential. Horse Breast Collar is most useful when riding as it provides the much needed support to the person. The collar also ensures safety of the rider and it allows it to take control over the horse. The collar is made specifically in a way that would neither be extremely tight nor be loose that would lead to slipping off the breast collar. Tight breast collar and harness can reduce and block the air supply leading to unconsciousness of the horse.

A horse Breast collar is a western type of breastplate most widely used in various western countries. The breast collar can be called a breast plate as well. Initially the horse breast collar rose to popularity among the buyers in the 1900’s when slowly and gradually the riders realized the importance of breast collar. The 1940’s was the year when it was concluded that almost all of the horses had a breast collar. Going back in history, in the years of American Cavalry from 1812 a breast collar and a crupper both were used. Today as we see, all of the horses that are used while in racing or riding have a breast collar as one of the basic essentials.

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