Female Horse

Female Horse is also termed as mare. This word is often used for female horses who are greater than the age three. More specifically, the female horses in thoroughbred horses are called mares. Horses are used now and then for breeding purposes, for this a certain name that is broodmare is used as a word for the breeding female Horse. Dam is the word that is referred to the female parent of the horse. Not just the word mare is used for female horses but also for mules and zebras. These mares are used just like other horses most preferably in horse racing.

A stallion is the male horse and when referring to any gender the word horse is particularly used more often. Just like humans, in horses as well the mares carry the babies inn their womb for almost eleven months. The mares generally nurture their young ones for a period of less than 6 months. In comparison to stallions or the male horse the mares are more kind and easy to handle. One is able to use them better than other male horses. Other than breeding purposes mares serve the same uses as of the stallions

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