fat Horse

6 to properly concieve. Mares should be a 7 at the time of birth as milking strains
the body.

it breaks down actual muscle to survive.

5-7 Score horse will live longer healthier, more comfortable lives. Find the balance for your horse.
Breeds will vary !

Overweight horses are prone to disease, overheating and poor performance

BCS Scale is the standard for scoring animal body weight
This scale measures 1 through 9, 1 Being poor 9 being extremely fat
The healthy weight for a horse is between 5 to 7. Any variation to this will begin to cause health issues.

Neck is Sunk Down, Withers, Backbone, Tailhead, Hips, and Ribs Protrude grossly.
No fat behind shoulder. Hind end muscle is completely Broken down and gone.
Flank is drawn Up and shoulder points very sharp.
Neck, Withers, Backbone, Tailhead, Hips and Ribs Still Sunk In/Grossly protruding
some tissues cover behind shoulder. Hindend still has no muscle. Flank is drawn Up. Shoulder
point still sharp.
Neck, Withers and backbone still sunk down and protruding. Tail head, ribs and behind
shoulders have some tissue cover. hind end and shoulders have some muscling.
Decent Tissue cover over neck. withers, back and tailhead. Tailhead and hips still protrude, ribs and behind shoulder have sufficent tissue cover. Hind end, flank, and shoulders have
decent flesh covering.
Perfect Score. Neck withers, Back and tailhead are filled in but not round,
Ribs are fully covered, with some fat behind the shoulder hind end is round, flank is
distinguished and shoulders are rounded.
Neck, Withers and back filled in, may be slightlly round. tailhead is soft from fat
deposit. ribs and behind shoulders slightly round. Flank is fading but still
distinguished. Hind end and shoulderd slightly more than round
Neck is still clean, withers back, and tailhead very round and soft with fat. RIbs
have heavy covering and fat deposits beginning behind shoulders. Hind end and
chest very round. Flank is no longer distinguished.
Neck is no longer clean. It is chesty, fat deposits in neck, withers, back,
large fat deposits over tailhead, ribs and behind shoulders. No flank. Hind end and
shoulders extremely round.
Extremely massive and unnatural fat deposits along neck, withers, back, hips and
tailhead. As well as over ribs and behind shoulders to The point skin is pulled
tight. Hind end is grotesque. Horse appears lumpy from amount of fat deposits.

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