Epm in horses

In horses EPM disease can be quite commonly found. EPM stands for Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis and is a disease that is caused by a microbe. It adversely affects the spinal cord and the brain cells of the horse. There are various signs that help find whether the horse is a victim of EPM, these signs include uncoordinated movements between the various parts of the horses’ body, sweating abnormally, not able to feel the face and body etc. After realising the EPM in horse diagnosis is given timely in order to get the horse healthy and steady again.

The horse has to be kept in a 6 months diagnosis period and is only kept on antibiotics during this phase. The owner can also move onto a 28 days course of antiprotozoal. It all depends on the condition that the horse is facing, adverse situations may require immediate and effective treatment. In order to escape such a situation it is advisable to keep the food of horses in a healthy place free and sincerely not around opossum populations. The disease can be prevented by using necessary steps and taking full care of the hygiene around the horses.

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