Dala Horse

Dalecarlian horse or the dala horse is nothing more than a statue of a horse which earlier originated from the Dalarna, a Swedish Province. Wooden work is done on the statue and the horse is derived completely from wood. This wooden horse was initially used as a toy for children’s fun activities but with time it developed as a symbol of the whole Sweden. These wooden carved horses come in different colors and sizes, the most commonly used symbol is that of a wooden horse with a harness drawn over its body of blue, white, red and yellow color.

The biggest Dala horse statue is in Avesta, Sweden which is made up of concrete. New York City is home to the world’s largest Dala painting. The dala horses are made up of very simple tools such as a knife and these were mere toys for children. The making of such dala horses rapidly expanded from the 19th century. There was a time when such horses were used to buy household essentials. Many people also were engaged in full time businesses relating to the production of such dala horse statues

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