Cremello Horse

The coat of horses in cream color is a rare sight for the spectators. These horses with such coat color are referred to as cremello horses and are able to put any one in great amusement. The shiny and soft coat of the horse is one of the major factors why today they are preserved more. The genes play a great factor in determining the color of the coat of horses. In the case of Cremello horses this gene is in creme color and due to this very reason the horses are observed to be creme.

There is no specific breed in which the color is found. Creme colored horses can be found in horses of any belonging to any breed. Bay horses and palomino horses are also the result of gene coloration. In comparison to chestnut colored horses, Black horses, grey horses etc. Creme coat horses are exceptionally rare and more beautiful. Amazing eye colors also make these horses more spectacular and different than others.

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