connemara horse

Height: Typically 128cms – 128cms at maturity to 148 cms.

Colors: Black, grey brown, bay dun with occasional
roan palomino, chestnut and blue eye cream.

Type Well balanced, compact riding style with the
strength, substance, and heart space.

Standing on short legs , covering lots of ground.


Head: A well-balanced pony head that is medium in length
and has plenty of width between big, friendly eyes.
Well-defined cheekbones, pony ears jaw that is quite deep, but
not too coarse.

Front: Head should be well placed on neck. Crest must not
appear too developed. Neck shouldn’t be set too low. A
well-laid-back shoulder that gives an adequate length of rein.

Body: The body must be strong, deep and have a strong back,
with some length that is acceptable but must be well ribbed,
with strong, muscular loins.

Limbs Strength and length: Strong and length in forearms
with well-defined knees, and short cannons that have the flat
bones measuring between 18 and 21 cms. Elbows should be
unbound. Pasterns are of medium length. Feet perfectly shaped,
medium-sized that are level, hard and solid.

Hind- quarters. Strong and muscular , with a bit of length,
well-developed secondary the thighs (gaskin) and robust
hocks with a low-set.

Moving: Free simple and real without excessive knee movement
but still active and fully covering the ground.


Good temperament, toughness and endurance and soundness,
as well as a surefooted ability to jump ideal for children and

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