Chestnut mare horse

Since horse people have been around for so long, it has been
said that a Chestnut mare can be described as a fiery redhead.
They are known for being impulsive and unpredictable horses
that can kick, buck, bite, and do all the other things.

For a long time, chestnut horses have been known for their
‘bad’ or exitable behavior. Chestnut mares are considered to
be particularly difficult. … Chestnuts were more courageous
and more likely to approach unknown objects or animals in
their environment. This is a useful trait.

Chestnuts showed more bold behaviours, being more likely to
approach unknown animals and objects in their environment.
This is a useful trait. This suggests that breeding chestnut
horses for their coat color may have involved selection for
boldness, which could have altered how these horses interact
with the environment.

The study also revealed that horse breed, sex and age have a
significant impact on many horses’ behaviours.

It is important to have a veterinarian examine any horse that
exhibits unusual or ‘bad’ behavior. This will help rule out any
potential physical problems and reevaluate their daily
management, tack fit, and training methods. Because they
are chestnut horses, chestnut horses do not behave badly.

These findings are quite interesting, as many studies have
shown that redheads experience pain differently and have
different reactions to pain than their blonde and dark hair
counterparts. Research has shown that redheads need higher
doses than non-redheads for certain anaesthetics.
There has not been much research on the skin sensitivity
differences between chestnuts, other coat colors, and that
would be fascinating.

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