Curly horses

Curly is a Curly is a type of horse. Curlies are also known as Bashkir Curlies American Bashkir Curlies Curlies from the United States, and North American Curly Horses, are available in all sizes as well as colors and body … Read More

dapple grey arabian horse

For people who aren’t familiar with horses A gray coat couldappear like white. Graying is the gradual silvering of hairs withdifferent colors, gray horses generally are dark-colored and haveskin that is black and the adult coat is either white, dappled … Read More

connemara horse

Height: Typically 128cms – 128cms at maturity to 148 cms. Colors: Black, grey brown, bay dun with occasionalroan palomino, chestnut and blue eye cream. Type Well balanced, compact riding style with thestrength, substance, and heart space. Standing on short legs … Read More

Chimera Horse

In the equine world a chimera is a horse created from two genetically-differentDNA types, believed to occur when non-identical twin embryos fuse into one. …The common patterns of coats chimera are not passed on to offspring since they resultfrom an … Read More

amber champagne horse

Champagne horses that have Bay-colored bases are known as amber champagne.Amber champagne horses usually have brown with a golden color. They also havedeep brown tails, manes, and points (compared to classic champagne that usually haspoints of the identical color to … Read More

Yakutian Horse

Yakutian or Yakutian (also known as Yakut is a breed of horse native to in theSiberian Sakha Republic (or Yakutia) region. It is a lot bigger than the other horsesthat are similar to it, such as the Mongolian horse and … Read More

Norwegian Fjord Horse

Small yet powerful is what defines this horse breed. The mountains of Norway are the home to these Norwegian Fjord Horses and so is derived their name. These horses have a very strong coat over them which differentiates it from … Read More

Female Horse

Female Horse is also termed as mare. This word is often used for female horses who are greater than the age three. More specifically, the female horses in thoroughbred horses are called mares. Horses are used now and then for … Read More

Einstein Horse

In history we have seen numerous outstanding horses, their spectacular achievements have always laid a mark for the future. One such horse is the Einstein horse which was born on October 23 in the year 2002. It was a thoroughbred … Read More

Palomino Horses

The Palomino Horses are a color breed they are found in gold color with cream to white colored mane. Often termed as parade horses they are largely used for shows and royal parades. Their outstanding color coat makes them a … Read More