Noriker Horse : A to Z

The Noriker is thought as actually an Indigenous breed ofcold-blooded horses that hail from Austria’s central alpine areaand it is believed that they been born around the highestmountain known as The Grossglockner. They’ve been bredfor more than 2000 years, but … Read More

boulonnais horse

The Boulonnais Horse is a rare French breed, famous for their characteristic marble-white coat, from which it gets its other name White Marble Horse. They are considered as one of the best varieties of heavy draft horses and are often … Read More

ferghana horse

Ferghana horses were among China’s first major imports thatoriginated from an area of Central Asia. The horses, as depictedin Tang tombs of the dynasty in clay “resemble the animals onthe golden medal of Eucratides, King of Bactria (BibliothequeNationale in Paris).” … Read More

draft horse

Draft horses are large, heavy breeds of horses characterized bytall stature (>16 hands), heavy muscular build, and large bodysize (>1400?lb). Common breeds include Percheron, Belgian,Shire, and Clydesdale, and they are often used in pulling,plowing, and farm labor. Draft horses may … Read More

spotted horse

Spotted horse breeds are some of today’s most well-known breeds and it turns out they have a prehistoric past. When researchers first began studying the Dappled Horses of Pech-Merle, a 25,000-year-old cave painting in southern France depicting white horses with … Read More

fat Horse

6 to properly concieve. Mares should be a 7 at the time of birth as milking strainsthe body. it breaks down actual muscle to survive. 5-7 Score horse will live longer healthier, more comfortable lives. Find the balance for your … Read More

polish arabian horse

Piebald horse

The word Piebald comes out of two phrases. The word”pie”originates in the form of the white and black bird “magpie”.Bald refers to a white background. The word originated inBritain. An Piebald horse is one with black patches of white coat.It … Read More

polish arabian horse

The history of the horse from Poland-Arabian is fascinating andcomplicated Some have discussed the subject morethoroughly. … The 16th century was the time of Documentsfrom Poland refer to pure-bred Arabians. Utilized for Turkishsoldiers. Turkish military, the Arabians are seized by … Read More

Purple roan horse

There isn’t any such thing as a purple Roan horse. Roan is theterm used to describe the color of a horse in which the horsehas one body color however, it has white hairs scatteredthroughout the body. … Despite the fact … Read More

Bay Horse

What is Bay HorseBay horses have a reddish-brown coat color and black points (mane, ear tips, tail, and lower legs), and dark skin. The shades of bay horses vary from light brown to dark red. Bay color patterns are prevalent … Read More