can horses eat celery

Yes! Celery is a favorite food of horses

Celery is an excellent vegetable for anyone, even humans. Celery is a common vegetable
that’s often included in healthy meals and diet plans. It’s loaded with phytonutrients
and vitamins.

Celery’s variety of nutrients makes it an excellent choice when you are trying to
decide which vegetable is best as a treat.

Celery is a good source of VitaminK, which is vital for horses’ lives. It is essential
for horses’ diet because it helps blood clot and heals wounds.

A study also found that horses with adequate Vitamin K intake have better bone
health. A healthy horse is possible! This vitamin is essential for a healthy horse.

Another nutrient found in celery is. Vitamin A is the one that owners of horses should
ensure to include in their meal plans.

Celery should not exceed 2 pounds per person, and that should only be done twice
or three times per week. Celery is a nutritious food with many nutritional benefits,
but it is best to give it to horses in small amounts.

Although feeding celery to horses can seem difficult due to the stem, the vegetable
is safe and healthy. Celery is a good choice for horses with insulin resistance.

Celery is good for horses’ health. Celery’s fiber can aid in the cleansing and regulation
of the horse’s digestive system. This animal is very sensitive to stomach acid and can
often have stomach problems. Celery helps to keep the animal hydrated all day.

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