Brooklyn Supreme Horse: Unveiling the Legacy of Gentle Giant

“Brooklyn Supreme, commonly referred to in equestrian circles as ‘Brookie,’ was born April 12 and lived until September 6 1948 – leaving behind an unforgettable legacy marked by his immense size.”

Brookie is an exceptional Belgian red roan stallion who made history as potentially being the world’s largest horse – although his height doesn’t support this claim. Although debate about his world record for largest horse exists, he was officially acknowledged as the heaviest globally.

Brookie stood at an astonishing 19.2 hands, which translated to 6 feet 6 inches or 198 cm, and tipped the scales at 3,200 lb (1,451.5 kg).

With his horseshoes measuring 10 feet 2 inches (3.10 meters), supporting this enormous frame was no easy task — each horseshoe required 30 inches (76 cm).

But Brookie was more than his size alone — his story also includes tales of his gentle personality and majestic presence that amazed anyone lucky enough to witness it first-hand.

Initial Days: Brooklyn Supreme was foaled on Earle Brown’s farm near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Earle was also responsible for first showing him in public and introducing the stallion to the public eye.

Champion Before Fame: Brooklyn Supreme had already earned fame within the equine community before he earned worldwide attention for his remarkable size. At multiple state fairs he had already won Grand Champion of his breed awards; evidence of his exceptional qualities.

Prestigious Lineage: Brooklyn Supreme was known to possess an esteemed heritage, including one of his great-grandfathers being Farceur 7332 – himself an esteemed member of equine history – hinting that greatness lay within Brooklyn Supreme’s lineage.

Ownership and Partnership Information: Charles Grant Good of Ogden, Iowa owned Brooklyn Supreme for most of its famed existence.

Ralph M. Fogleman from Callender Iowa formed an effective partnership with Good to ensure its legacy was maintained and enhanced.

Exhibitions Across the U.S. : Brooklyn Supreme was displayed extensively throughout the United States and became a beloved attraction among horse enthusiasts as well as general audiences alike.

A small fee of 10 cents enabled spectators to witness his incredible stature – making his outstanding splendor accessible for everyone’s appreciation.

Not Just an Eye-Catcher: Brooklyn Supreme was revered not only for his physical attributes but also for his friendly disposition; leaving an indelible mark on all those he met.

The Gentleman Giant: An Emblem of Serenity

Brooklyn Supreme was an embodiment of serenity for anyone lucky enough to meet him, captivating hearts not just due to his enormous size but also due to his peaceful and gentle disposition.

This behemoth with his quiet demeanor defied stereotypes by showing that strength and gentleness could coexist harmoniously, earning admiration from both handlers and members of the public alike.

His gentle eyes and tranquil presence invited admiration and affection from all those he encountered – not just handlers.

Echoing Strength: Work and Utility

Brooklyn Supreme was not just a spectacle to admire; rather he was an embodiment of practicality and utility.

Harnessing his immense strength for various labor-intensive tasks proved invaluable; with ease pulling weights with ease – an indispensable resource during his era he made invaluable contributions to labor and transport systems.

Enduring Through Time: Brooklyn Supreme’s Legacy

Brooklyn Supreme’s story endures far beyond his physical existence, lighting up pages of equine history with his legendary status.

Not only has he become a symbol of physical might and kindness – qualities which continue to charm horse enthusiasts and historians alike – his tale echoes through time inspiring narratives of strength peacefully coexisting with serenity.