blanket appaloosa horse

If a leopard with a few spots is entirely white, with only skin
with a mottled appearance it is known as an appaloosa that is
mottled. Blanket or Snowcap. A solid white that covers the hip
area and strikingly contrasted with the basic colour of the horse
is referred to as a blanket, or a snowcap.

Appaloosas appear in a variety of television and film series
particularly those that depict the life of the American frontier.
Two notable examples are El Dorado and True Grit. In the
film El Dorado, John Wayne is riding an appaloosa dubbed
Zip Cochise. In the 2010 film True Grit, the appaloosa was
ridden by Matt Damon is called Cowboy. Certain films have
been named after the horse breed, for instance, the film The
Appaloosa that premiered in 1966. It was an Western film with
Marlon Brando.

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