Female Horse

Female Horse is also termed as mare. This word is often used for female horses who are greater than the age three. More specifically, the female horses in thoroughbred horses are called mares. Horses are used now and then for … Read More

Einstein Horse

In history we have seen numerous outstanding horses, their spectacular achievements have always laid a mark for the future. One such horse is the Einstein horse which was born on October 23 in the year 2002. It was a thoroughbred … Read More

Palomino Horses

The Palomino Horses are a color breed they are found in gold color with cream to white colored mane. Often termed as parade horses they are largely used for shows and royal parades. Their outstanding color coat makes them a … Read More

Speckled Horse

Speckled horses also termed as Appaloosa horse breed originally has its origins in America. This horse breed has a very unique and interesting pattern on their body which consists of spots and so is derived from their name. The Appaloosa … Read More

Dala Horse

Dalecarlian horse or the dala horse is nothing more than a statue of a horse which earlier originated from the Dalarna, a Swedish Province. Wooden work is done on the statue and the horse is derived completely from wood. This … Read More

Cremello Horse

The coat of horses in cream color is a rare sight for the spectators. These horses with such coat color are referred to as cremello horses and are able to put any one in great amusement. The shiny and soft … Read More

Clydesdale Horse

Clydesdale Horse is a draught horse breed. The breed mostly originated in Scotland and it has existed since the eighteenth century. They are originally crossbred horse breeds which resulted from the mating of Flemish Scallions and loc mares. They were … Read More

Brabant Horses

brabant horses are the Belgian horses and came into existence as early as the 17th century. These horses are so strong that they were used in the second world war as well. These horses were found in Belgian and so … Read More

Black Stallion Horse

Stallions come in different colors, black is one of the most prominently found stallion horse colors. The black Stallion Horses have a thick neck in comparison to mares this is due to testosterone present. A stallion horse by nature is … Read More