polish arabian horse

The history of the horse from Poland-Arabian is fascinating andcomplicated Some have discussed the subject morethoroughly. … The 16th century was the time of Documentsfrom Poland refer to pure-bred Arabians. Utilized for Turkishsoldiers. Turkish military, the Arabians are seized by … Read More

Purple roan horse

There isn’t any such thing as a purple Roan horse. Roan is theterm used to describe the color of a horse in which the horsehas one body color however, it has white hairs scatteredthroughout the body. … Despite the fact … Read More

Bay Horse

What is Bay HorseBay horses have a reddish-brown coat color and black points (mane, ear tips, tail, and lower legs), and dark skin. The shades of bay horses vary from light brown to dark red. Bay color patterns are prevalent … Read More

Curly horses

Curly is a Curly is a type of horse. Curlies are also known as Bashkir Curlies American Bashkir Curlies Curlies from the United States, and North American Curly Horses, are available in all sizes as well as colors and body … Read More

knabstrupper horse

Knabstruppers can be used for all types of general riding, andare a success at dressage and eventing, and show jumping.They can also be used as carriage horses because of theirbeautiful movement, proud appearance and striking colouring. The 1870s saw in … Read More