are horse omnivores

A horse’s diet generally consists of hay, grass and concentrates, such as grain. Since horses eat no animal products, they are herbivores.

In addition, horses enjoy many fruits and vegetables as treats, such as carrots, apples, bananas, watermelons and sweet potatoes. Salts and minerals also should be readily available to horses, as they provide important nutrition.

What a Horse Generally Eats in a Day
The size of horse, workload, and age all contribute to how much a horse eats in the day. Most horses eat hay and some form of concentrates a day, such as grain or pelleted feed. Horses on turnout also eat grass throughout the day.

Grass and hay make up the majority of a horse’s diet. Horses generally eat hay and grass all throughout the day. They generally get concentrates one to two times a day, with the amount and type varying with each horse.

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